20 things I learned in October

Another month has passed and I have learned some new things. When you go on an exchange year you learn important thins that is impossible to learn in school in front of the computer. This month I learned that:

  1. Piña coladas tastes amazing
  2. If you want to do something do it! Instead of waiting for it to happen or others to plan it for you
  3. I hate depending on people
  4. The “it” movie is scary as fuck
  5. Being able to go an amazing beach on a regular weekend is fantastic
  6. Water is dangerous
  7. Dominicans are VERY loud and outgoing
  8. I´m proud to be a Dane and to be able to speak Danish
  9. The Dominican Republic’s nature is beautiful
  10. Being in the moment is important instead of thinking about everything else (very cheesy but it´s true)
  11. Everybody doesn´t travel and I’m lucky to have visited so many countries and places
  12. Either Denmark is very clean or the Dominican Republic is very dirty (or a mixture of both)
  13. To learn you got to get out of your comfort zone (even if that means embarrassing yourself in front of 500 people) an expand it on the way
  14. Everyone doesn’t dance around the Christmas tree and that it’s a Danish tradition
  15. All people don’t want you the best
  16. It’s as important to say no as yes
  17. To appreciate dishwashers for what a wonderful invention they are
  18. Mañana and manzana is two very different words and they don’t make sense of you switch them in sentences
  19. I can get very nervous but I will do the thing anyway
  20. How much I love my family


  1. Charlotte Minds Ladegaard

    November 5, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    We love you too. Love mom and dad.

  2. Sussi Ladegaard

    November 10, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    Hola Jasmin . I agree on the pina colada .
    And for you living in another country and a complete different culture , make you learn a lot about yourself , and that is an invaluable experience which you can use for the rest of your life . We are so proud of you .
    Big hugs from morfar & Sussi

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