My Bucket List

I will soon be traveling to the Dominican Republic and I am excited. When I am traveling home again there are a lot if things i hope to try and accomplish. Some of these things are easy achievable and others are things are things I must keep in mind throughout the year.
The bigger things are for example: learn to speak Spanish, get to know a lot of new and different people, learn a new culture and figure out the differences and similarities between the Danish culture and the new culture. Those are things that’s not easy achievable and that I must work hard to accomplish.
I also want to have a lot of different experiences planned and unplanned. So, I made a list consisting of different goals, things, experiences etc. That I hope to achieve. The list is not sorted after what I want most at the top or bottom. It’s completely mixed. I am sure that along my journey I will accomplish and come up with new ideas to try. The list is going to change all the time.
But here it is (to begin with):

  • Read Harry Potter in Spanish
  • See a whale
  • Get a Spanish-talking friend
  • Eat a pan de guino (banana bread)
  • Memorise Despacito
  • Being able to say “jeg elsker at plukke jordbær når det sner” in Spanish
  • Try at least 50 different dishes
  • Make a Danish dish to my host mom
  • See a parade
  • Start to a new sport or activity
  • See the incredible nature
  • Visit my friend whom lives in Santo Domingo
  • Go to the movies 
  • Drink straight out of a coconut
  • Swim in the ocean
  • Get to know the culture
  • Go to church 
  • Listen to local music
  • Read min. 3 books in Spanish

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