I held a presentation in Spanish for 500 people

The 12th of October

One day a teacher (ciencias sociales) came up to me and spoke to me in Spanish. At first I didn’t understand but quickly realized that he wanted me to do a presentation. I understood words as culture, Denmark, food, clothes and geography so it seemed pretty easy. I concluded that I had to do a presentation of Denmark for my class. Easy peasy lemon squeeze.

The day before the presentation my friend came up to me and asked if I was ready. Shit! I had forgotten everything about that presentation. We decided to go home to her house after school so she could help me. After buying chips, soda and other necessities we decided to begin working on their presentation (we were four people).

A little bit of background story: Here they don’t have smartboards in the school so when you want to make a “ PowerPoint slide” you have to do it on a big piece of cardboard. Just to make it a bit more impractical they don’t have printers in their homes so you must go to a shop to print them.

We were in the shop printing the images and I asked who I should make the presentation for (just to make sure) she just answers “half of the school”. What!? Wait, I didn’t sign up for this there must have been a mistake. The clock was around 6:30 pm the day before my presentation and I hadn’t begun plus it was for half school. Great…

Back in the house my friend’s sister and my friend helped me (Odette and Abigail if you ever read this thank you so much!). My friend was reading the Spanish Wikipedia about Denmark out loud whilst the sister was writing it down in my notebook. So, my only job was to practice it and I sure did. I practiced it so much that till this day I can still remember some of it.

The day came to hold the presentation and I was so nervous my hands were shaking. I held the presentation and made a few mistakes! But it was all good and I’m really proud of myself. Go me!

After people were dancing and I found out it was International culture day. That’s the story about how I ended up holding a presentation for 500 people in Spanish about Denmark.


  1. Sussi Ladegaard

    November 5, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    Hola Jasmin.
    Estoy orgulloso de ti !!! You are so mega mega clever Jasmin . You can justifiably pat yourself on the shoulder , I could never have done what you did .
    Hope to talke to you in a few hours via FaceTime .
    Big hug from

  2. Charlotte Minds Ladegaard

    November 5, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    OMG! You did it and we are so proud of you. Love mom and dad.

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